Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heavy heart

Its with a heavy heart that I write this post. This last weekend was rough emotionally. I had planned a post in my head about my little pity party I'm having when I got worse news first thing this morning. My brother and Plain Jane's house burned down last night. :-( I'm soooooo sick about it. They live in Montgomery, Texas where the wildfires were burning yesterday. I talked to PJ this morning. Basically the police showed up with bullhorns and everyone had 15 mins to evacuate!!!! I mean, can you even imagine??? No time to grab family heirlooms and everything you would want to preserve. So they loaded the 5 year old, 2 month old and family cat in her car. She drives a small Saturn. My bro drives a motorcycle. They could not even load up their dogs!!!! It makes me sick to my stomach to even type this but they had to open the gate and let them go and pray they make it safely. I can't even imagine anything as horrible as that. They went to her mom's with nothing but the clothes on their backs and 1 change of clothes each. Everything is gone......

I know they have insurance but I also know what a lengthy process that is after what I went through with the hurricane. They don't have much money especially since they have med bills this year from my bro being in the hospital then her being in the hospital having the baby.

I'm devastated for them. I'm so sick right now I can't even think about anything else.

Anyways, if you would all be so kind to send out extra prayers or vibes or whatever it is that you believe in, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. how awful....I'm trying not to cry as I read this...most definitely sending prayers your way, and to all of those who have lost their homes to the wild fires...