Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feeling lost

The truth is I've been in a weird funk recently.... I'm tired of spending all my time worrying about TTC. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there. Maybe I've lost hope... I just am starting to feel like its time to move on... I'm so tired of spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.... I'm tired of having to be jealous or bitter because everyone around me is blessed with the one thing I want.... I just feel done.

One thing that prompted this attitude change is what else but my frustrating mother. I ended up not going on the out-of-town trip with her. That was supposed to be this week. Work is crazy right now and I can't really take off 3 days in a row right now. But also because I have no doubt she would upset me. I was talking to her the other day about my brother who lost his home in the fire and she starts bringing up the Outlaw and White Trash.

Apparently they're both back on drugs. He's on speed and "dope", whatever that is. She's on meth and pain pills... He has a pending court case still that he goes back to court in October. If he's caught using, I'm sure his sentence will be much harsher. Of course his PO isn't drug testing him... Don't know why he's getting away with it AGAIN... So the other day, they were both coming down, she was holding the 6 week old baby and they got into a fist fight... Really??? And now the 2 drug addicts are going to be alone with that infant for the next 3-4 days on their own. Will they feed and change him? Who knows... Its really a terrible situation. And so sad that you can't trust grownups with their own child....

I told my mother I don't want to her about them anymore because its very frustrating to me. She's totally insensitive and doesn't understand of course, but I really do not want to hear anymore about this situation that they have totally caused for themselves... Why couldn't they give this baby up for adoption.... Sigh...

It just breaks my heart that these 2 idiots can have a child and not even try to do anything right and I'm stuck here in limbo... I told my mom CPS should take the baby just to be mean... and her response is "it would kill the baby"... not that it would kill either of the parents, cause let's face it, they don't give a fuck... I swear, whoever is in control of the universe has an awful sense of humor....

So for my own sanity, I have got to find something else to focus my life on... I just don't think I can keep doing this. I cannot stay in this constant fragile mental state I am in. I think I might have found something that would take the focus off of myself and my fertility problems. It would be huge and take a lot of work to get to, so I won't go into too many details right now... I'll let everyone know if it comes closer to fruition.

Hope you're all doing well out there.

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